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Safe and Secure

In order to receive our stamp of approval and become a member of the La Mienne beauty platform, La Mienne Certified Master Beauty Artists must pass a thorough and elaborate vetting process.

Initial Screening

All La Mienne Certified Master Beauty Artists must:

  • Submit a detailed application that includes references, a resume and/or a portfolio.
  • Participate in an initial phone interview.
  • Complete an in-person interview with the La Mienne executive staff to assess their qualifications and ensure that their personalities are consistent with the La Mienne culture.

La Mienne Style

We focus on quality, which is why we always:

  • Diligently review professional skills required for servicing clients.
  • Provide complimentary La Mienne Educational Workshops with our Professional Educators.
  • Audit each professional’s hair/makeup/nails kits.

Professional License/Certification

All La Mienne Certified Master Beauty Artists are:

  • Verified for CA state licensing requirements through the state government’s database required for hair and nail technicians.
  • Confirmed as having top-level professional training, education and/or experience.

Background Screening

We take the safety and security of our clients very seriously. We use Comprehensive Background Checks by Checkr to reference national, state and county databases:

  • Identification Verification: Review of applicant’s contact information (email, phone number, address history), social security number validation, driver’s license and DUI records, and bank account as well as a photograph to verify physical identity. In addition, we conduct a review of all social media accounts.
  • Verification that each applicant is screened using the sexual offender Department of Justice nationwide registry as well as terrorist watch list, verification of national and county criminal databases.

Customer Feedback Through Ratings and Reviews

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to provide a professional and high quality experience for every transaction and interaction with a La Mienne Beauty Artist. A customer’s feedback and experience is elicited after every service to maintain quality control and customer satisfaction.

Payments and Transactions

All payments and transactions are Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant. We use Safe, Secure and Encrypted Credit Card Processing through

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